Gulf Port, MS

Population: 67,793
Average annual home appreciation rate: -1.96%
Total of homes for sale in this market: 751
Median home price: $109,104
Median Rent: $662
Home price range: 46.11% of homes are between $86,001 – $172,000
Median sales price: Still calculating data
Number of homes: Still calculating data
Median foreclosure sales price: Still calculating data
Foreclosure discount: Still calculating data
Most common home type: 64.05% of homes are Single Family Detached
Number of vacant homes: 17.31%
Number of renters: 38.81%
Number of owner occupied: 61.19%
Number people living below poverty level: 21.93%
Unemployment rate: 8.50%
Is this area perfect for real estate deals going on right now? Gulfport has had a pretty good run of home appreciation for the past decade. Just recently has the market started to take a dip down, and drop into the negative. This is some instances, could be a good thing for the savvy investor knowing that this will have an impact on the overall prices of the homes in the area. The prices are already lower, and the rents are higher than the national average which is great for the buy and hold investor. The large number of vacant properties also has a negative impact on the overall appreciation that the market is experiencing now, but could have a great impact on the availability of discount properties for real estate investors willing to ride the storm out and wait for the market to make its promised return.

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