Norcross, GA

Population: 16,349
Average annual home appreciation rate: 16.55%
Total of homes for sale in this market: 147
Median home price: $175,345
Median Rent: $1,033 per room
Home price range: 37.03% of homes are between $118,001 – $236,000
Median sales price: $141,600
Number of homes: 163
Median foreclosure sales price: $97,000
Foreclosure discount: 31%
Most common home type: 45.38% of homes are SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED
Number of vacant homes: 12.02%
Number of renters: 48.05%
Number of owner occupied: 51.95%
Number people living below poverty level: 31.38%
Unemployment rate: 5.00%
Is this area perfect for real estate deals going on right now? Interestingly enough, Norcross has had a tough 10 years…but statistically speaking, Norcross is making a comeback. Let’s point out some of the events taking place that make this market appealing to savvy investors: 1. Positive trending home appreciation rate. 2. Low overall home prices. (Appealing to investors) 3. High rental rates (Great for buy and hold investors) 4. Large discounts for ‘troubled’ properties (31%) Great for cash investor due to motivated sellers. 5. Multiple vacant properties on the market. (Also great for cash buyers for a fix and flip, or fix and rent situation. In some instances, some may see this market as one to pass by, but for those who know, they can see that there could be great opportunity for a great ROI.

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