Ogden, UT

Population: 85,083
Average annual home appreciation rate: 5.84%
Total of homes for sale in this market:
Median home price: $131,300
Median Rent: $662 per room
Home price range: 55.86% of homes are between $97,001 – $194,000
Median sales price:
Number of homes:
Median foreclosure sales price:
Foreclosure discount:
Most common home type: 62.32% of homes are SINGLE FAMILY DETACHED
Number of vacant homes: 7.85%
Number of renters: 43.44%
Number of owner occupied: 56.57%
Number people living below poverty level: 22.48%
Unemployment rate: 4.60%
Is this area perfect for real estate deals going on right now? Based on the last twelve months, short-term real estate investors have found success in Ogden. Ogden appreciation rates in the latest quarter were at 1.43%, which equates to an annual appreciation rate of 5.84%.

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