Peachtree City, GA

Population: 34,893
Average annual home appreciation rate: 10.75%
Total of homes for sale in this market: 171
Median home price: $312,767
Median Rent: $1,412 per room
Home price range: 34.27% of homes are between $228,001 – $341,000
Median sales price: $273,500
Number of homes: 18
Median foreclosure sales price: $195,000
Foreclosure discount: $78,500 ( 28.7% )
Most common home type: 79.45% of homes are single family detached
Number of vacant homes: 6.63%
Number of renters: 22.29%
Number of owner occupied: 77.71%
Number people living below poverty level: 6.52%
Unemployment rate: 5.10%
Is this area perfect for real estate deals going on right now? PeachTree City has an excellent track record for positive home appreciation. That alone will help investors gain a ROI. The rents are high in this market…that is certainly a major reason for buy and hold investors to take interest in this market. This market is one of the highest appreciating markets in the nation.

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